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Effective solutions for your business
Become more successful using the hidden resources of your company
How to increase business effectiveness without significant expenses? Our opinion – it is analysis of data that company has. The company's data is the oil of the 21st century. In the years ahead, the competitive companies will be the ones, which can handle with data. In addition, it does not depend how big the company is.

We will assist your company to use the changing business conditions to become more competitive and prosperous.
Do these thoughts run into your mind
Hundred and thousand companies already use their own data analysis to solve these issues with minimum efforts.
Higher income
I want to increase the income of my company. How to do this with minimal expenses?
More customers
How to increase the number of customers of your company with steady traffic low?
Higher check
How to increase the average customer check? How to make total clients' LTV higher?
Inventory optimization
How to release more working capital optimizing inventory?
What prevents?
What can inhibit my business? What reasons do not systematically allow my company to develop?
How we can help you
You get a ready made analytics department for your company at reasonable price. We do not just give you solutions or tools. We fully support the transformation of the business working together with your company's specialists.
Individual support of your business by experienced professionals in data analysis, marketing, IT.
Software that provides clear and understandable recommendations and analysis of your company. As well as solution support by experienced professionals.
The criteria for evaluating our activity is not just the work done and the analytics prepared, but the additional income received by your company.
Michael, Owner of trading company
"The client analysis app not only gives us the opportunity to see what is happening with our clients, but also offers recommendations for each client. We just have to follow them."
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Our advantages
At low cost, your company has the opportunities to grow, for which large companies pay big money.
Without a significant business investment, you significantly increase the income of your company.
You get ready-made and tested solutions, recommendations for their usage and, most importantly, personal advice and support that will make your business more successful.
Sergii, Online casino project lead
"We received a remarkable effect from the implementation of solutions for early prediction of customer behavior"
Who is this service for?
We know from our experience what effect analytical solutions can bring and we want to work with our clients to achieve result. Who are we working for?
For those who want significantly increase the income of their company at minimal cost
For those who want to become much stronger than their competitors do.
For those who do not want to spend a lot of time and money on analytics but prefer getting simple and clear solutions.
For small and medium-sized companies who believe that they worth having solutions the same level the big companies have.
Customer feedbacks
The way we work
Identifying needs
You leave a request and we will contact you to clarify the details and your needs. Together, we define goals and identify potentially or really problematic points in your business.
Selection of solutions
By analyzing the data of your company, our team is searching for and finding a solution that will help to solve the identified problems.
Implementation, monitoring and support
Just to find a solution is not enough, you need to implement it. We work together with your company's specialists, define intermediate goals and monitor the results.
Result evaluation
Each stage of the work is accompanied by both goal setting and evaluation of results. We estimate how this or that solution worked. What was done well, and what requires additional attention.
New goals setting and further development
After improving one aspect of business, there is always a desire to improve the rest. Based on the results obtained, we set goals, draw up a plan of action and move on.
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Our team
Analyst, Project Lead
Expert in innovations
IT expert
Financial expert
Tariff plans
The tariff plan can be tailored to the needs of your company. Our experts will recommend the most suitable tariff plan for you.
  • Starting consultation
  • Plug-In and access to analytic software
  • Starting consultation
  • Plug-In and access to analytic software
  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Individual counseling
  • Personalized solution development
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